Artist Statement(s)

Lisa Barbero

Artist Statement(s)

"Painting for me is about freedom. Every raw mark strips away layers of illusion clearing the path for something alive and authentic to emerge. For me, something in each painting speaks of the honesty and bittersweet beauty tucked into every crevice of existence.

I strive to be an active participant in the wild, creative processes that manifests all things in the natural world, both in my painting and in life in general. Nature is my temple and the home of my spirit where I find simultaneous solitude and knowledge of belonging. I am endlessly inspired by it's wild-to-the-bone beauty and the personal moments I share with it.

Spending more and more time in nature is good for the artistic soul. In my experience, social media or any excessive screen use can suck the life from the creative drive, not to mention is most often a waste of precious time and energy. While I have not closed my accounts, it will be increasingly rare that you'll be able to find me through those channels. I can be reached through the contact link on this site or at lisamariebarbero@gmail(dot)com."

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