INTRO // Mona & Blackbird is an independent art brand and online boutique created and stocked from the heart, mind, and soul of artist and dreamer Lisa Barbero.

PHILOSOPHY // Every day can be crazy meaningful; gut-laughing, palm-sweating, heart-centered, follow-your-bliss meaningful. The M&B philosophy embraces and encourages this idea by emphasizing simplicity, finding perfection in imperfections, being brave for love, and empowering fearless self expression.

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.” - Joseph Campbell when asked the meaning of life.

MORE // See more about Lisa by visiting lessordinarylisa.com and/or clicking the links to social media. Scroll down to read more about the M&B collections.


WILD & FREE // "Wild & Free " is about all us... all earthlings whether we're elephants, gorillas, orcas, bears, wolves, or humans. These designs remind us that all life is naturally wild and free, to be proud of that glorious wildness, of the freedom that is our birthright... and shine.

IMPERFECT PRINTS // Inspiring your life with charming art antidotes to approval addiction and striving for the unattainable.

Anthologie Quirk: Unique instant art prints with heaps of personality. Their kind of weird (or at least unusual) and that's why they're some of my all time favorites.

Hanko Collection: An original take on Japanese brush art and their red seal signatures called Hanko.

THROWBACK ROMANCE & OTHER SENTIMENTS // A fine art photo series that combines hand drawn type with original photographic images. All images are photographed by Lisa in Upstate, NY and treated with a retro/vintage look that makes them feel a little bit dreamy. Combined with the starry eyed text, these pieces of artwork are sure to appeal to the most hopelessful romantics.

"I wanted to create an unmistakable mood with this series that had to do with time and weathered moments. It 's kind of far away and hopeful while at the same time a little broken hearted."

LOMO SERIES // The Land Of My Own series is a group of modern abstracts that capture the wonder and awe inspired by the natural world mingled with our own infinite inner universes. The colorful pseudo-landscapes pull out memories and feelings that simply have no accurate words. Like when we look at a crazy beautiful sunset while sitting around a fire with friends, see clouds that appear sureal on a trip to get ice cream with our parents, or witness the fresh young green of spring buds against the brightest of blue skies while reading under a tree. When we're paying enough attention, the moment by moment splendor of where we belong supplies constant inspiration.

"Nature is my temple; the home of my spirit where I find simultaneous solitude and the knowledge of belonging. I am endlessly inspired by it's wild-to-the-bone beauty and the personal moments I share with it."